Queen Contestant Entry Form

Entry Deadline: May 15, 2024

Director Contact
Alex Quiroz
(806) 884-9960


  • High School Sophomore, Junior or Senior for the upcoming 2024/2025 school year
  • Ability to ride a horse
  • Live within a 90-mile radius of Dalhart, Texas
  • Unmarried

Mandatory Dress:

  • Solid white long sleeve shirt with collar, blue jeans and straw cowgirl hat.


  • There will be 3 judges.
  • Contestants will be judged on Personality, Poise, Horsemanship and Interview.
  • Points will be awarded by the XIT Directors to each contestant for the amount of participation they give during all the XIT festivities.
  • Judge’s and Director’s decisions are FINAL.


  1. Smoking, drinking and illegal drug use will not be tolerated.
  2. As reigning XIT Rodeo Queen, anytime you participate in a designated XIT function, you are required to wear white shirt with a collar, blue jeans and cowgirl hat along with crown, sash, etc.
  3. When attending a Rodeo, Parade or designated XIT function, you must have the permission of the President or your designated Director to leave.
  4. Arrive at the Rodeo, Parade, or other designated XIT function with plenty of time to check in with your designated Director.
  5. After a Rodeo, Parade or other designated XIT function appearance; you may go to a dance or party with parental permission and a designated director. You must continue to wear your XIT Rodeo Queen attire.
  6. Thank you notes are ESSENTIAL and should be mailed to ALL XIT QUEEN donors the week following XIT!
  7. You will NOT participate in any other pageants throughout your reign as XIT Rodeo Queen.
  8. Prizes awarded to you as XIT RODEO QUEEN are as is. You will not change any part of the awards. Example: Changing stirrup fenders on saddle.
  9. You will be expected to participate in ALL designated XIT functions unless otherwise granted absence by the President or Designated Director.
  10. NEATNESS is VERY IMPORTANT: hair, makeup, nails, etc. Be sure that your clothes are clean andpressed.
  11. As reigning XIT RODEO QUEEN you are expected to be a positive role model. Any inappropriate behavior or conduct WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


  • Rules & Regulations

    The winner of the XIT Rodeo Queen Contest is expected to follow the rules listed above. Please read them carefully.